Into My Heart (a lullaby)
for voice and piano

Words and Music by Ginger Reynolds

Into My Heart (a lullaby) for voice and piano was written in the summer of 2008.

The dedication reads "for new lives, for souls that touch our lives anew, for Madison, Bradee and Cameron". The composition is a lullaby for everyone: children, parents, family and community. Inspired by the births of two grand nieces and a grand nephew, the composer wanted to celebrate their new lives in a special way. Ginger says "I am always touched by the celebration of new lives in the Universalist Unitarian tradition. I also want to recognize the deep connections that we are called to in the UU community and how that can renew our lives."

Beginning with a brief piano introduction, the vocal line then sings 6 strophic verses (with alternating interludes); a short piano coda similar to the introduction ends the composition. The vocal range is a ninth (e flat-f). The piano part is moderately difficult, but does require rapid scale passages. The style combines the familiar with the art song tradition. The composition in its entirety is 5 minutes. (Some performers may decide to use selected verses.)

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