Vielen Dank, Piano Solo

To Dale Lange from your grateful students and colleagues.

Music by Ginger Reynolds

Ginger writes:
Dr. Ann Mabbott (Director, Center for Second Language Teaching and Learning, Hamline University) contacted me in mid-April 2005 to commission a musical composition celebrating the retirement of Dr. Dale Lange (Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota). That conversation and other inquiries into Professor Lange's life and work led me to these sounds and rhythms.

I began to imagine a book being opened; and within, hearing the voices of students and teachers alike. This piece is specific to Dr. Lange, but in a general sense I hope it will recall for listener and performer feelings one might have when called to best endeavor or higher self by a mentor or teacher.

The musical and performing characteristics of this piano composition are: lyricism, utilization of several modalities, some difficult scale and arpeggio passages. Performance time, approximately 3 minutes.


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