From the Crest of a Hill (Comes a Beautiful Sound)
SATB with piano accompaniment

Words and Music by Ginger Reynolds

"From the Crest of a Hill" was commissioned by the Lanier Middle School Chorus, D. Bradee, Director, with support from the Lanier Parent Teacher Association in 2007.

The poem found inspiration in three areas. First, in the bounty of nature that every artist aspires to reflect. Secondly, in tribute to those who study the art of music as teachers and students in order to share their work with the world. Thirdly, to those with the vision to build structures of support so the arts may continue to be a vitality in our educational systems.

The music begins with a foundation of strong musical intervals (octaves and fifths) and then unfolds in more complex harmonies and modulations as the qualities of beautiful sound are revealed by the words. Every section of the choir is given the opportunity to lead by singing melodies and also asked to harmonize with the other voices. All voices contribute equally. After a brief introduction the piano doubles the vocal lines; then plays increasingly independent rhythm and harmony to add color and motion to the text. Approximate performance time 5 minutes.

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