Three Blake Songs
for voice and piano

Music by Ginger Reynolds

Words by William Blake: Songs of Innocence

William Blake (1757-1827), renowned and enigmatic English poet, engraved the "Songs of Innocence" with his own illustrations in 1789. Born in Soho, London; he enjoyed a happy childhood, but his adult life was beset with difficulties and poverty.

Ginger writes:
These musical settings blend the familiar language of British Isles folk music with a more formal style of art song. They grew out of two concepts: a love for the clarity of William Blake's vision and a respect for the simple elegance of folk music. I wanted to write songs somewhere between O Danny Boy and art song, music grounded in the earth with an eye toward the sky. The interval of a perfect fifth is used as a unifying compositional device.

I had in mind three scenes (from Blake's time) while writing:


If you or your group would like to perform "Three Blake Songs",
sheet music is available for purchase. Contact Ginger.